My Cat and I

NIkolaj Larsen (1999) 4 mins 30 secs The artist attempts the impossible task of making a still portrait with his cat.


Doug Fishbone (2004) 2 mins 15 secs

Anjin (preview)

David Blandy (2012) ANJIN 1600: Episode 1 is an anime-styled animation that reimagines William Adam's journey to, and his time in, Japan as an epic space adventure. Fusing 16th century history, Homer's Odyssey and anime plot devices, Anjin 1600 results in a complex meditation on cultural tourism and identity.


Doug Fishbone (2011) Theatrical trailer for the blockbuster Elmina, Fishbone’s feature-length melodrama, shot in Ghana with a cast of well-known Ghanian celebrities. Elmina sees Fishbone take on the lead role in an otherwise fully African production.