The Dance

Z + Z 2006 In The Dance we see the skinny legs of a 7-day only baby dancing on top of a human skull, in time to a Spanish guitar solo. A macabre yet jubilant celebration of the corporeal triumph over death.


Z + Z 2008 Duration: 5 min 10 sec The artists spent 3 days filming with the body of their recently deceased Grandmother. In "Mother" there is a dialogue between the lace-bound woman and a spider: the long, lithe limbs of the creature mirror the splindly, nimble, industrious fingers of the old lady. The spider carefully caresses each fold of lace as though spinning and weaving its way across the fabric. Spiders are regarded as symbols of the soul freed from the body, and as intermediaries between the two worlds of the human and the divine reality.


Z + Z 2007 Duration: 3 mins Referencing the paintings of Zurbaran, Cordero is one of a series of sublimely beautiful “video paintings” made whilst Z+ Z were artists in residence at Durham Cathedral. A bound lamb lies on a stone slab, its soft fleece and serene face bathed in dramatic chiaroscuro lighting. The static abdomen and the ring of crimson decorating the lamb’s nostril point to the absence of life. This utter tranquility is only broken momentarily by the arrival of a finch, both symbol of Christ in Western Art and the species which inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution. The time-based nature of video is deftly employed to capture the utter stillness of death. There are exactly 2 minutes of silence. Cordero explores the limbo of that space between this world and the other.

The Purveyor of Wishes

Z + Z (2002) Duration: 2 mins The Purveyor's shop, his father's before him, has stood in the same place since the birth of Israel. Filmed in Tel Aviv, at the height of the second intifada in 2002, The Purveyor of Wishes invites us to believe.

Go On My Son

Z + Z (2001) Duration: 6 mins Recorded at Arsenal football ground (at the time close by to the artists' studio), Go On My Son is an installed sound work in which we hear the interplay of crowd and bible narrator.