Held on Friday 13th February 2015, this Salon was dedicated to musician Anna Ling, poised to start new adventures, in honour of her inspirational teaching.

“A voyage of Sound,” this Salon was specifically focussed on music –  both traditional and experimental forms – with a huge range and depth of performance from seasoned professionals to (very) young aspiring singer-songwriters. The evening opened with Anna performing alongside father Tom Ling, joined by Klezmer clarinetist Isis Wolf-light. In an unusual and very interesting turn of events, this Salon included 5 sets of parent-children, showing how a love of music and art is so often shared and passed down generations, cementing positive familial bonds.

Click on links for Friday 13th Salon performers:

Anna Ling, with Tom Ling and Isis Wolf-light

Roman Zatorski

Richard Wilson and Miyako Narita

Stephen Shiell and Hannah White

Lilias Buchanan


Igor Outkine and Sarah Harrison

Aldo Ziranek-Wilson