The Thames Salon took place in March 2013, a gathering of artists, mariners, steam engineers and musicians.

Artists ZATORSKI + ZATORSKI introduced the concept, vision and production outline of “1513: A Ships’ Opera” to representatives of the artists and musicians, ships’ crews and skippers, engineers and technicians, funders and festival organisers who would be taking part, here all gathered in one space for the first time. The other four major Cultureship projects for the Thames festival, by Hew Locke, Doug Fishbone, Layla Curtis and Nikolaj Larsen were also outlined, and put in curatorial context: each of the new works being commissioned and produced by the Cultureship ¬†would focus on the Thames, from the sea to the Upper Pool.

A special screening of a recent film by Larsen was held in the main hold of the ship, sea-shanties were sung, tug-master Peter Duggan stood up to make an impromptu and impassioned speech at the Salon table, and the evening marked the beginning of an exciting and intense period of collaboration between many different worlds.