The Cultureship

Zatorski and Zatorski have been directors of The Cultureship since 2013, a not-for-profit Community Interest Company that they founded to produce, commission and curate high-impact artworks with a maritime context. The Cultureship is a cultural catalyst, that encourages inter-disciplinary collaboration and promotes engagement with our collective cultural and maritime history.

Artist’s projects, performance and commissions have included those by Richard Wilson RA, Hew Locke RA, Doug Fishbone, Nikolaj Larsen, Matt Stokes and Layla Curtis. As directors in 2013, Zatorski + Zatorski curated the Thames Festival, bringing for the first time a fine art focus to the festival. Z + Z led the production team to produce the major waterborne public performances 1513: A Ships’ Opera and Whitstable Sounding.


Other Cultureship projects include:


Adrift – a sculptural installation by Hew Locke


The Deluxe River Cruise – a performance by Doug Fishbone


Portrait of a River – a film by Nikolaj Larsen


The Thames (from London Bridge, Arizona to Sheerness, Canada) –  a collaged artwork by Layla Curtis


The Last of the Watermen – a film by David Kew


Lower Reach Sounding – a performance by Richard Wilson RA