The Deluxe River Cruise


by Doug Fishbone

A Cultureship Project Commissioned by the Thames Festival Trust



Doug Fishbone brought the Thames festival audience onto the river itself. They joined him on a classic Thames river tour boat for an alternative view of London’s past and present river landscape. The tour boat “King Edward,” run by waterman family the Jones’ took passengers from Westminster Pier to Tower Bridge, and ran two daytime performances per day, on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th September 2013 at 1.30pm and 4pm each day, with the guided cruise lasting approx 45 minutes.

Illustrating his narrations with hundreds of images downloaded from the internet, Fishbone presents a new form of story-telling that is both hilarious and unsettling, leading one critic to describe him as a “stand-up conceptual artist”. He employs the strategies of advertising, propaganda and stand-up comedy to explore the relativity of perception and understanding in surprising visual and narrative tapestries that recycle the contemporary media landscape in new and unexpected ways.



Doug Fishbone’s Deluxe River Booze Cruise

A Cultureship project for Frieze week

Following the sell-out Deluxe River Cruise, a Cultureship project for the Thames festival, Doug Fishbone returned – for one day only – with The Deluxe River Booze Cruise, which took place on Saturday 19th October 2013,  at 2pm and 4pm from Westminster Pier.